“Purgatory” orange weapons debris convertible Mohun

April 7th, 2011 by angleskyfly

Now say “purgatory” of the most popular props, certainly not “Mohun debris” must go. Because these pieces are from the devil’s Mohun seal the ancient stone scattered from, not only has an extremely powerful magic, as well as the other magical wow gold effect. But for players, because they feel excited, wow should be dark valley of joking is to find someone to help collect “Mohun debris”, which in return is the players have been installed since the orange dream!

So, in this case, “Mohun debris” has become popular to be a matter of course. So now you can drop by the official announcement, “Mohun debris”, and 80 world-class BOSS and above the rank of elite monsters to become a “million husband referred to” the object. And you can open a “Mohun debris” high chest, prices are rising on the market, all without exception, to prove “Mohun debris” can exchange the attractions of the equipment.

Yes, “Mohun debris” from the joking in the Heihe River in exchange for 90 or more at the orange equipment, and “purgatory” official rift plat commitment, in the near future, will continue to have more advanced equipment can be used “Mohun debris “to exchange, so do not call wow crazy like players such as mad.

Now, “Purgatory,” the official also began to honor the commitments made, first there is: all occupations 91 orange collection equipment can now rely on “Mohun debris” to get. As long as enough debris to collect, whether you are a soldier, vampire, demon or fallen angel, can be most easily the most powerful of the 91 strong orange weapon for everyone, and never fall!

Now up to collect “Mohun debris” it, whether wow is now possible exchange of equipment, or equipment coming to exchange, will make wow easy to enhance your strength!

Mancha seven “most” of the most magnificent feast of activities

April 7th, 2011 by angleskyfly

There are couple awards, where the Knights of Honor, as well as 4,000 yuan point card to send everyone, “Twin KISS online games,” “Dream Rider” does not delete the file test is so colorful, with the opening of the test, the player friends in the experience game fun at the same time, do not forget, we also ask you to prepare a sumptuous feast of activities, and activities of award is very exciting!

“Dream Knight” does not delete files closed beta, the first to break the routine, all directly sent to 4,000 yuan cards, the whole nurturing wow into the wow gold game, the first land acquired 100% of players also includes a number of practical props, mall items, ” tiger Package “! Shopping spree at no cost to experience the thrill of it? Do not miss the opportunity, real money both hands, the absolute real thing, I really really enjoy the free in “Dream Knight!”

Click to receive 4,000 yuan dofus kamas Dianka

With the KISS system, of course, should also have KISS object slightly, if you have a sweetheart, you may wish to take her to the dream world, we will send your gift. If not, then let us help you find a bar! She will be a real player in the game, fate will guide you to meet them, knowing each other!

Dream house into the mystery of divine Love began

Dream of the glory of battle Knights

Knights in the game system, you will be a new experience, the Knights battle, npc occupation, pagoda fight, maps, life and death battle, various modes of pk system, never let you “kill” to be soft. The glory of war activities, players will show the strength of the Association of the stage, more valuable sets and reputation both hands, still hesitant, up the war now!

Knights of the glory of war turned

“Dream Knight” does not delete files, the most crazy Dianka big run, the most romantic fate right touch, and many more exciting activities will take the stage, gluttonous feast will make you enjoy the most magnificent feast of activities, all in 2010 Q version of the most lovely online games!

“Fairy Magic OL” gossip blog 3: May embarrassing thing Lianpian

April 7th, 2011 by angleskyfly

Editorial wow gold

Spring 2010

May has been a warm spring, people have a heavy winter clothes off and put on a cool short-sleeved, enjoying the sun moisture. Funny ring game players and amateur comedian, senior reporter Baotuan Open Journal “,” Fairy Magic OL “gossip blog”, writing their own funny anecdote around, just to find your smile and laugh. Whether you are ten thousand degrees rot female otaku, or the working population in this gossip blog can be found in you want to see the anecdote: there’s right and wrong, the game arena, there are games inside and outside the Comedy ? comment here agonistic will allow you to crush and private coverage!


Light 3D gaming concern masterpiece “Fairy Magic OL” officially closed beta has started, players flocked to join them, the popularity soared. Coupled with the recent arrival of May Day holiday, players with the “Fairy Magic OL” to the one of the most intimate contact. Some people where there are the so-called rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes where there are interesting gossip, then the chaotic period in the ancient world, between what is put on the funny Funny it? Dwellers look!

1.90 After the ridiculous dialogue, not equipment put your brush cut … …

Gossip ? Comment: It seems that this player is very keen on the equipment too! No equipment to rest until the brush! However, wow is recommended that the two players to work and rest, reasonable control of the game time Caixing Oh!

2,1 3 consecutive days of failure to strengthen

Gossip text excerpts:

May Day, I finally decided to strengthen my horse Xueling tiger, did not think would be so ill equipped! When enhanced to 7 consecutive failed 3 times, is wow in God and I kidding? However, the continuous failure does not discourage me to continue strengthening the idea … …

Gossip ? Comment: This man, I believe you Acheter des Kamas will one day end the outbreak of RP, I wish you a speedy access to the ideal +7 horse, ride in the “Fairy Magic OL” in the world.

3, because the “fairy magic OL” the encounter, the couple is about to enter the marriage hall

Gossip text excerpts:

Well, at the end of the article and hope that all the audience can Xiaobian blessed with the couple about to enter the aisle to “Love For All Seasons” it!

Gossip ? Review: “Fairy Magic OL” the couple has a lot of match players in the game they enjoy the sweet life. Here, we would like to congratulate the world can get married lovers.

4, the game make the reality of life and death brothers

Gossip text excerpts:

Xiao Feng to go to practice the night before, I drank with the guys with him, although the game is unreal, but the brotherhood is the most real! Thanks “Fairy Magic OL” I know such a life and death brother!

Gossip ? Comment: There is no life in the game, but a lifetime of brotherhood. Of course la! The two friends also wish to meet again in the “Fairy Magic OL” in the world, continue to enjoy the game fun.

Hello world!

April 7th, 2011 by angleskyfly

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